Pulse Art Fair 2016: What Not To Miss


Pulse New York is a contemporary art fair unlike any other, bringing together artists and exhibitors from across the globe and displaying their work in an inventive and exciting format. The unique style of programming mirrors the innovative work that will be displayed from March 3-6 in the Metropolitan Pavilion. Conventional curation has been scrapped in favor of presenting the show via four separate platforms: PERSPECTIVE, PLAY, PRIZE, and PROJECTS. So, if you find yourself in the big apple (or even if you don’t) make sure you head straight to Chelsea to witness some of the biggest emerging talents on the art scene.

| Eulogy For The Dyke Bar, Installation by Macon Reed (Mackin Projects) |


For those of you who headed down to Bushwick last September to experience this immersive installation by feminist artist Macon Reed, you will know all about her tribute to the vanishing institution that is lesbian bars. However, you haven’t seen it all yet: Eulogy For The Dyke Bar is back, but this time with a wider range of programming including panels, performances and poems, all focusing on the past, present and future of lesbian culture and gender identity.

| In A Perfect World, Installation by Brookhart Jonquil (Emerson Dorsch) |

pulse-art-fairCalifornia-born installation artist and master of materials Brookhart Jonquil uses mirrors and fibreglass to question the nature of reality and attempt to access a virtual space. The four striking sculptures are connected via the specific angles at which their mirrors are placed, together creating a fifth shape that resounds from each individual sculpture. Trippy.

| Heroína En Construcción, Photography by Mariú Palacios (Cede Gallery) |


This series is the result of Palacios’ personal desire to reconnect with her native Peru, narrating the stories of her ancestors via photography. The artist aims to not only create a link between herself and her ancestors, but also between her generation of Peruvians and their cultural identity following a generational detachment from their heritage. The combination of the hauntingly beautiful photographs and their underlying meanings makes this series absolutely unmissable.  Palacios will be exhibiting with visual artist Nani Cárdenas as part of the dual-exhibition feature Conversations.

| Paintings by Bradley Wood (Sim Smith Gallery) |


They say a picture is worth a thousand words: Wood’s enticing paintings tell stories of glamorous socialites and fashionistas caught in their natural habitat of opulent interiors and luxurious furniture. His colourful expressionist oil paintings are inspired by artists such as Pierre Bonnard and Chaim Soutine whom he discovered whilst studying in Switzerland. He currently resides in New York, and is one of the artists nominated for the Pulse PRIZE, a cash grant awarded to an artist in a solo exhibition.

There are plenty more highlights to look forward to from exhibitors from all around the world – but we couldn’t possibly give it all away now! Be sure not to miss out and take advantage of your Pulse Pass as an Oasis Guest in any of our Miami apartment rentals. For more information about the fair visit pulse-art.com.

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