Caffeine Cravings: Top 5 Coffee Spots in Miami

Top 5 Coffee Spots in Miami

Miami is famous (or infamous) for many things: great beaches, sexy bodies, Miami vacation rentals, wild nightlife, but especially café cubano. From the little walk-up windows of downtown and Little Havana serving up pitch-black cafecito (Cuban-style espresso) to chic cafés where tourists sip designer lattes, Miami’s coffee culture has developed significantly thanks to a group of local small-batch roasteries.

Aside from Miami’s long history as a champion of Cuban specialties, there’s been a growing number of boutique houses that roast, grind, and brew beautiful beans for coffee that ain’t your average cup of joe. Oasis Collections has rounded out the top 5 coffee spots in Miami, so here are some places to check out for your next cup.

| 5. Alaska Coffee Roasting Co. |

Top 5 Coffee Spots in Miami

Heralded as a local sensation in Alaska, owner Michael Gesser and his sister opened an Alaska Coffee Roasting Company right here in North Miami for us all to enjoy. Far from home, these coffee loving siblings remained true to the founding philosophy behind their coffee house. Hand-selected coffee beans from all over the world are roasted on premises in a Sivitz small batch roaster, creating some of the best coffee in Miami. For any true coffee lovers out there, your tastebuds will thank you for sampling their standout coffees including the woodsy Ethiopian Yirgacheffe; the full-bodied Sumatra Mandheling; the mild yet malty Panama Boquete; and the sweet, rounded Oaxaca Mexican. Pair that with a spinach quiche or a slice of pumpkin pie and be ready to swoon.

| 4. Las Olas Café |

Top 5 Coffee Spots in Miami

Really good coffee can be scarce on South Beach, but this little café tucked away on a non-touristy side street offers some of the best café con leche this side of Havana. Small with an incredibly friendly staff, a spotlessly clean kitchen, the freshest ingredients, affordable prices and a laid-back neighborhood vibe make this South Beach staple a winner every time. Real Miami natives typically flock here for their morning colada and pastelito before heading out to work or the beach.

| 3. Versailles |

Top 5 Coffee Spots in Miami

We couldn’t make a list of the top 5 Coffee Spots in Miami and not mention this gem. Open since 1971 and as close to Havana as most people will ever get, Versailles is a place where men in guayaberas talk politics over a cortadito (cafecito cut with just a bit of milk) and dine on top-notch Cuban cuisine. This restaurant is a Miami institution, and famous for being the place where people gather at every rumor of Fidel Castro’s death. The walk-up window (la ventanita) at this iconic Calle Ocho restaurant is considered the hub of Little Havana, where you can partake in what many locals deem the tastiest café cubano or cortadito around with evaporated milk added to the extra strong coffee for sweetness and depth.

| 2. Eternity Coffee Roasters |

Top 5 Coffee Spots in Miami

When it comes to the best coffee in Miami, Eternity Coffee Roasters brings you a true java experience. This charming micro-roasterie boasts a traditional Italian espresso menu, but the industrial-style interior is upscale while the custom designed pour-over-bar will ensure the robust taste of the beans with dossiers and pedigrees from small farms in Colombia, Kenya, and Ethiopia. Teas, juices, and panini sandwiches are also available, along with free WiFi, outdoor seating, and Sunday morning cuppings (Think of it as a wine tasting for coffee, complete with note taking, sniffing, and sipping).

| 1. Panther Coffee |

Top 5 Coffee Spots in Miami

Touted as a sort of hipster coffee haven, Panther Coffee is a Miami-based coffee roaster that specializes in small-batch roasting, and its baristas are arguably some of the best on the planet. Love it or hate it, when Panther Coffee opened its doors in Wynwood back in 2011 by husband and wife duo Joel Pollock and Leticia Pollock, it changed Miami’s coffee culture forever.

The Pollocks hand select the beans on buying trips and roast them in their Wynwood location, and now with a second location in Miami Beach and a third in the works, they still artfully roast their direct-sourced beans in an antique Probat Perfekt for authenticity. They then brew them to order however your heart desires – Chemex, pour-over, French press, vacuum pot, espresso or cold-brew. Definitely our top pick for the best coffee in Miami.

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