Top 5: Bogotá Nightspots

It’s not news to anyone that Bogotá has experienced a boom in recent years, but what some people may not realize is that it has become one of the most interesting and vibrant cities in Latin America. The crackdown on violence and economic resurgence of Colombia is finally leading tourists to this long-ignored metropolis.  Along with this resurgence a bevy of new bars and clubs have popped up, ensuring that the cultural exploration is accompanied by some great nights out.  Oasis has been a pioneer in the short term rental of furnished, design apartments in Bogotá, and we’ve decided to share some of our favourite night spots to ensure you’re headed in the right direction – i.e. towards a good party.

1. D’marcha

D’marcha is one of the chicest clubs in Bogota so be sure to dress the part. The dance floor is always crowded so there is a great atmosphere here. With an inside décor of gold dragons and huge windows giving a spectacular view of the city, you can see why this club is so popular. Thursday is the top night.

Calle 85 12-51, Bogotá

2. Penthouse

Penthouse is one of Bogotá’s most stylish clubs decorated with chandeliers, disco balls and mirror walls. It’s spread across several large rooms – including a huge dance floor and lounge area so it’s ideal for a crazy night of dancing or chilled night with friends.

Calle 84, No. 13-17

3. Andres Carnes de Res

This club is one of Bogotá’s most famous restaurant/dance halls/category-defying venues. The original location is situated 45 minutes outside of Bogotá, but the journey is well worth it (although there is also a new location in the city, in the heart of Zona T). Due to its location, the club avoids the city curfew and stays open until 5.00 am from Thursdays – Sundays. That fact, the great food, and the overall craziness of the place (colourful ornaments, dressed-up dancers, people passing around bottles of tequila and aguardiente) make this a can’t miss stop. Come early for dinner and plan on staying until closing time.

Calle 82 # 12-21

4. Kukamarka

With a stage at the front this club and upstairs balconies for the perfect view it’s no surprise that live music is played here. There is a large dance floor and tables spread around the large club. It’s a great night out as you know there will be a good atmosphere as it is known to hold the most energetic parties in the city.
Carrera 15 93-75

5.  Armando Records

A fashionable bar/lounge with an alternative vibe, Armando draws a cool, arty crowd that come for the eclectic tunes (rock, dance-pop, hip-hop) and lovely terrace space.  The door policy can be strict, so bring your attitude…

Calle 85 no.14-16

So fear not, Bogotá nightlife has something for everyone, whichever mood you’re feeling. So make sure you tear yourself away from your stylish Bogotá rental apartment to experience it yourself!

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Bogotá, Colombia

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