Thrift Stars: Best Vintage Shops in Los Angeles

Best Vintage Shops Los Angeles

New York may be considered the fashion capital of the U.S., but when it comes to vintage, Los Angeles has it beat. From dollar racks to designer duds, the city has the best second-hand items at every price point and from every decade.

High End:

Essentially every piece at these shops is a knockout. These stores are for the fashion collectors – be prepared to drop quite a bit of cash on any one item, but you’ll walk away with pieces to last a lifetime.

Sielian |

Best Vintage Shops Los Angeles

Those who take their fashion seriously seek out Silelian for vintage pieces from designers like Alaïa, Halston and Dior. Owners Sielian and Tsutomu assist all shoppers in navigating their extensive collection, and have developed a clientele of fashion insiders. Stylists, costume designers and many Hollywood actresses are regular sights here.

Resurrection |

Best Vintage Shops Los Angeles

With locations in both New York and LA, Resurrection has one of the best vintage archives in the country. At its Melrose location however, it keeps the stock on display to a few limited, easy to navigate racks. Find Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Pucci and the occasional celebrity client.


Not every dress needs a designer label to be something special. Here you’ll find mint condition pieces at prices that mean you can actually buy more than one.

Shareen |

Best Vintage Shops Los Angeles

Ms. Shareen herself

Shareen’s massive downtown warehouse is the dream of die-hard vintage lovers. There are no changing rooms in the women’s only space – just racks and racks of dresses. There’s a particular emphasis on midcentury pieces, and Shareen is also known for its vintage bridal wear.

Wasteland |

Best Vintage Shops Los Angeles

If the designer duds on Melrose are too stuffy for your tastes, make a stop into Wasteland. The massive selection has a range of prices and styles, and those with a sharp eye are sure to spot major deals on lightly used items.


If you’re willing to spend some time digging for that perfect $10 dress, make a stop at any of these stores. The selection can be hit or miss, but you’re bound to stumble on some incredible finds without breaking the bank.

Berda Paradise |


With an eclectic mix of quirky items and truly wearable clothes, Berda Paradise is a favorite shop among Silver Lake residents. Fill your bag with sweaters from the dollar rack or spend the day sifting through vintage accessories, clothes, and home decor. Better yet the store is also a nonprofit.

Cherry Picked Thrift Shop |

Best Vintage Shops Los Angeles

Yes, there are cheap clothing stores in Santa Monica. Like most thrift stores, Cherry Picked has a wide selection of clothes at bargain prices, but unlike many thrift stores, the space is brightly lit and organized, making it easy to shop. And unlike almost any shop, Cherry Picked both feeds and clothes its customers, as owner Justine hands out pastries with each purchase.

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