Oasis Insiders: Stefano’s Guide on Things to Do in Milan

things to do in milan


As Oasis continues to set up base camp in preparation for our Milan launch later this year, one question I always get from people is “why do I have to visit Milan?” It’s said in a way that make me wonder what they’re thinking: there’s no sea, no beaches and it can get really cold, so why should I go?

“But believe me, Milan has a lot to offer and it’s becoming a truly European city, thanks to improvements done to host the World Expo in 2015. And it’s not by chance that the prestigious New York Times named Milan as one of the #1 places to visit in 2015. Milan is trendy, vibrant, modern and brimming with culture. You can experience the typical Italian “dolce vita” or just be involved in art and business. It’s really up to you on how you want to experience the city.”


Photo courtesy of Ceresio 7

“The restaurants here are nothing short of amazing, with a unique touch that just cant be replicated anywhere else. You cannot visit the city without checking out the new Ceresio 7, a top-floor restaurant and pool with amazing views of the city and some of the most delicious upscale fair around.”


“But like I said, Milan offers visitors tons of options and for those in a hurry with smaller budget than Ceresio 7 tower, you can easily find a superb pizza slice in one of the many Spontini spots and enjoy a typical “insider experience” ideal for lunchtime or a quick snack.”


The Last Supper via Santa Maria delle Grazie

“Being from Italy, I naturally had to touch on the food first but Milan is full of art and culture, more than you can expect. If theres one thing I would categorize as an “unmissable” experience would be a visit to the last supper painting in Santa Maria delle Grazie (said in italian, Ultima Cena). Be prepared for a long wait in line BUT it’s better if you start booking your ticket as soon as you finish reading this blog post to give yourself a better spot in line. The request is huge and the visits are limited to protect this remaining Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece, which has been fighting against humidity and smog for hundreds of years.”


The Canals of Navigli

“We also have a great place to stroll around with a nice atmosphere in an area called Navigli (which are the channels you can find in the southern part of the city). You’ll find lots of places to have a great “aperitivo” or a special dinner, choosing from a long list of restaurants, pubs and nice tiny “locali” (how we italians call the spots where you can go for a light drink or snack).”


Milan Fashion Week at its Best

“If you are lucky enough to visit Milan in the spring or summer, you can enjoy the Navigli by drinking and eating outside. And during the Milan Fashion Weeks and Salone del mobile, this area will become the centre of gravity of the entire city where you can feel the pulse and real soul of this wonderfully unique city.”

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