The Other Summer

We here at Oasis Collections are obviously big fans of the continent south of the equator, but the allure of a South American summer is clearly nothing new. Icons, from the yesteryears of Hollywood and elsewhere, have long-flocked to its beaches and cosmopolitan cities to escape the North’s brutal winter. Here’s a selection of our favorite summer destinations and their most famous/notorious visitors.

Punta del Este

While it was a visit by Che Guevara that helped Punta gain its notoriety, it was stars like the Rat Pack who put it on the map as the “St. Tropez of South America.” A favorite Hollywood destination throughout the 60′s, Punta hit a lull during the 1970′s and the 1980′s. Fortunately, the area has since refound its groove and the fine sand beaches and charming fishing villages are once again filled with the likes of celebrities like Naomi Campbell and Robert de Niro.


Bardot, darling of French cinema and the ultimate pin up of the 1960′s, first attracted the paparazzi to this former fishing village. Now a glamorous getaway popular with the jet set, the town retains its small town feel and has even erected a sculpture of Bardot, located on a street named after her. The house Bardot stayed in is now Cigalon, a restaurant famous for their french touch.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires was all glamour and promise when Albert Einstein descended in the 1920′s. Invited by the University of Buenos Aires as a guest lecturer, Einstein declared Buenos Aires “a comfortable city but rather boring”. I guess it’s all relative though as Buenos Aires now boasts one of the liveliest nightlifes in South America.


Cartagena has always been seemingly immune to the country’s instability and the recent Colombian renaissance has only attracted more visitors to this always charming city. Local Gabriel Garcia Marquez said “all of my books have loose threads of Cartagena in them.” Upon arriving you may have a strange sense of deja vu as beyond being the setting for various novels the city’s unique surroundings has made it a popular film setting as well. Marlon Brando’s “Queimada” or Burn in 1969 was set here. Brando hit the town with a splash, scandalizing Cartagena’s ladies, who caught glimpses of him walking naked through the house and garden where he was staying.

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