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Welcome to another edition of Oasis Insiders. Today we’re chatting with Natalie Stoclet of The New Black Miami, a 305-based food blog that aims to show you much more than just what’s going on in South Beach; they’ve got the 411 on all the areas of Miami and the best place to get your inside foodie information before the rest.

So from Wynwood to Brickell to South Beach, TNB is your place to get the inside information before the rest. We chop it up with Natalie on new restaurant openings, Miami food trends and TNB’s expansion to London and New York City.

| Interview with Miami Food Blogger Natalie Stoclet |

Q: What Miami restaurant opening are you most looking forward to right now?

A: Cake Thai Kitchen’s new Wynwood spot.


A common sight at Cake Thai Kitchen

Q: If you could ban anyone food from the Miami culinary lexicon, what would it be?

A: Protein shakes, or more commonly known as the root cause of the huge dudes in tank tops phenomenon.

Q: We know you’re all about what’s NEW, but what’s your favorite old-school spot in Miami? ( e.g. Arbetter? El Exquisito?)

A: The S&S Diner. The vibe in there is so timeless; I love that they stay unchanged and original in an increasingly gentrified area.

Q: Do you think Miami is lacking in any particular food category?

A: I grew up living in a lot of Arab countries and always wish I could find more authentic Arabic restaurants here.


Photos courtesy of Ms. Stoclet

Q: Miami is obviously the mecca of Cuban food outside Havana. When it comes Cuban cuisine, where’s your go-to spot? 

A: Mary’s Coin Laundry for croquetas and pan con bistec and Lil Bread for their Cubano.

Q: Though Miami is known for being a little (OK very) synthetic and over-the-top, there’s a growing farm-to-table movement of Miamians interested in homegrown ingredients and down to earth cuisine. Which restaurants, or individuals, are making this happen?

A: I love this question! There are so many amazing forces behind the quest to have clean organic culinary options in Miami. I can’t tribute this to one place, so here are five of my favorites:

1.     The Honey Tree

2.     Under The Mango Tree

3.     The Last Carrot

4.     Robert Is Here

5.     Organic Bites

Also in love with what the Little River Cooperative is doing.


Organic fair courtesy of Under the Mango Tree

Q: We hear you’re taking The New Black blog to London and New York. Congrats! Where’s the first place you’ll eat in each of those cities?

A: This is top-secret TNB information! What I can tell you is that you can expect the same standard and quality curated in London and New York as in Miami.

Q: And finally: tacos or burgers?

A: Hands down, tacos!

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