Meet Pite – Creator of The Best Cocktails In Buenos Aires


Meet Pite: Curator Of The Best Cocktails In Buenos Aires


I love a good cocktail. And after living in NYC for more than six years, I was used to having access to delicious specialty drinks everywhere I went. So imagine my surprise when looking for the best cocktails in Buenos Aires to find that even in some of the city’s nicest bars and restaurants, their menus were limited to Fernet and Coke, Mojitos and Cuba Libres. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Mojito, but sometimes you need a little something different.
Enter veteran barman Pite van den Bossche, one of the leading mixologists in Buenos Aires and the creator of the specialty drinks menu at the The Clubhouse, a private members’ club in Buenos Aires. Pite is originally from Belgium, but has been making his mark on the Buenos Aires drinks scene for some time having helmed the bar at Palermo mainstay, Green Bamboo, and since shuttered Palermo speakeasy, DUDUi. He has all the vital skills that form a dream barman – he remembers your name and your usual drink, speaks an impressive collection of languages (Flemish, Spanish, English and Dutch) but most importantly, he mixes the best cocktails in Buenos Aires.


To delve a bit deeper into Pite’s psyche, we asked him 5 simple questions inspired by those asked by the beloved James Lipton:
Oasis Collections: What turns you on?
Pite: Pretty women and fast cars.
OC: What turns you off?
Pite: Bad company and smelly people.
OC: Which drink do you wish people would stop drinking/asking for?
Pite: Gancia (a sweet Italian aperitif popular with “beginner” drinkers)
OC: What profession other than your own would you like to attempt or have already attempted?
Pite: To run my own chain of stores or to be a graphic publisher.
OC: If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
Pite: That I did an excellent job on earth.
In addition to crafting seasonal cocktails for The Clubhouse, he also mixes up concoctions to pair with food prepared by the club’s in-house chef. For The Clubhouse’s Chef Series next Thursday, he will utilize fresh fruit – like tangerines and pears – to create refreshing accompaniments to the hearty dishes.

•• MENU ••

- Butternut squash soup with sunflower seeds, mushrooms and a parmesan crostini -

spiked tangerine cocktail
- Lamb satays with basil emulsion -

pear, tequila, hespiridina and cardamom cocktail
- Pan roasted chicken with orange broth, pears and candied tamarind -

kinoto, rum, hespiridina and lime cocktail
- Caramel almond chocolate cake -
If you’re interested in trying some of Pite’s concoctions for yourself at the Clubhouse’s Chef Series next Thursday, please RSVP by Wednesday, October 3rd at 17:00 by emailing

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