Vanity Fair is catching on…

Vanity Fair Travel Supplement – Oasis Punta Up The Vanity Fair travel special that comes out annually is considered to be close to biblical in terms of what to look out for during the year ahead.  We are thrilled that they have put Uruguay at the top of their Best List Moving Up list for […]

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Tuesdays with Jessica

A gal’s guide to waxing in Argentina that NO ONE should miss. While it’s not on the level of Brazil, Argentina is no stranger to waxing, which is lucky for me because neither am I. There are a few differences between the procedure here and what we’re used to back home, but the basics remain […]

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Buenos Aires Loves to Rock

The musical inspiration of one of Argentina’s brightest and boldest shining stars, Charly Garcia. Charly Garcia is perhaps the biggest rock star that Argentina has ever produced and on March 17 and 19th he will be performing two shows at Luna Park. Garcia formed many bands in the 70s, 80s and 90s including Sui Generis, […]

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Tierra Santa – The Holy Land Reincarnate

A wildly unique experience that this blogger feels should NOT be missed while visiting Buenos Aires. In my opinion there are many tourists who visit Buenos Aires and make a massive error – they don’t go to the best attraction in town.  Recoleta cemetery, colourful houses in La Boca, the football, the steak, some tango […]

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This blog was submitted to us by: Reid Synenberg, Co-Founder of ¡ESTAMPATE! Buenos Aires.  For more information or to buy a t-shirt, check out or email In March of 2009 I was at a crossroads.  I had been living in Buenos Aires for a year and a half with a flight set to return […]

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Top Five Trendy Restaurants

We scoured the city to find the most delectable yet posh restaurants around Buenos Aires.  Our list of the Top 5 Trendy Restaurants will whet your palette and have you calling for reservations as soon as possible.

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A house with a pool… Or a pool with a house?!

Buenos Aires is South Americas hottest destination during the warmer months.  Who wouldn’t want to escape the cold winter of heavy coats and frostbitten fingers, and head down south where clothes are minimal and nightlife as hot as the locals?!  When coming to Buenos Aires for the summer, I recommend a house with a pool.  […]

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Graffiti Crews descend Upon Buenos Aires for”Latino Amor Tour”

Opening Friday March 5th until March 17th, two graffiti crews, WSDM & HDA bring their work to Buenos Aires on a stop of their “Latin Amor Tour”.  The 12 graffiti writers come from 5 different countries and have hooked up to travel around South America and Show off their skills.  For their premier exhibit they […]

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