South American Ñoquis


Wall Street Journal


You may have heard that a majority of Argentina’s population is of Italian heritage. It’s noticeable in their olive skin, the Fernet they drink and the plethora of pizza and pasta joints around town. So seeing ñoquis on the menu at restaurants throughout Argentina is not surprising.


In this recent article in the Wall Street Journal, food critic Katy McLaughlin discusses the relationship Argentina has with the potato-and-flour pasta: the tradition of eating ñoqui at the end of the month and the legend that “you put a few bills under your plate of ñoquis and the cash is said to eventually multiply.”


She also offers a recipe for ñoqui, which she perfected with the help of her Argentine husband. The unique microwaving method really caught our eye.


While in Buenos Aires, we recommend a trip to Doppio Zero in Las Canitas as their ñoqui dish is one of our favorites in the city. The cozy ten-table Italian restaurant serves up delicious made-from-scratch pastas, homemade breads, a weekly risotto and other dishes that are perfect for the winter.


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Argentina, Buenos Aires

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