Secret Eats: Hidden Supper Clubs of Paris

supper clubs

When dinner at a restaurant just won’t do, reserve a spot at one of Paris’ fashionable supper clubs. A dinner party with strangers may seem daunting at first, but there’s nothing like good food to get tongues wagging. Here’s our pick of Paris’ best secret dinners.

| Le Table Ronde |

supper clubs

Photo Cred: Le Table Ronde

Discussion and debate are encouraged at Le Table Ronde in the Marais, where the half-moon table is designed so that the sixteen guests can not only watch the chefs at work, but actively engage with them while they cook. These aren’t just any chefs, either; they are top, international names pushing the boundaries of contemporary cuisine. Reservation is essential.

Lunch in the Loft  |

supper clubs

Photo Cred: Sandra Beauchard for Miss Lunch

Miss Lunch made a name for herself cooking clandestine lunches for just a handful of guests from her apartment; she called it “Lunch in the Loft”. Eight years later, she prepares “Lunch at PPP” at the not-so-secret, but still lovely Première Pression Provence boutique in Aligre (reservation not required) and has her own cookbooks. Stop in at PPP for a morning cooking class or lunch, or keep an eye on Miss Lunch’s website to find out about the next “Lunch in The Loft.” If you don’t catch her in Paris, she might just be traveling to a city near you. Expect fresh, fusion food inspired by various corners of the globe.

ACR-Paris |

supper clubs

Photo Cred: ACR Paris

Gastronomic agency ACR-Paris began in 2007 and is the brainchild of Chilean Raimundo Briones – a self-taught chef passionate about food, architecture and art. Four times a week, the agency prepares dinner for up to 12 guests at a top-secret location. The menu varies, but fresh, seasonal produce and exquisite presentation are guaranteed. Alternatively, ACR provides a home cooking service, ideal for when you only want to share the experience with people you already know.  Two to 30 people can be catered for.

| Other Supper Clubs in Paris |

supper clubs

American Jim Haynes has hosted a supper club in his apartment in the 14th arrondissement every Sunday for the past 30 years. Every week, a different friend of his cooks, and the result is an informal, fun dinner party of around 50 people. Also on Sunday evenings, an international group gather at Patricia Laplante-Collins’ Paris Soriées, which are sometimes at Patricia’s apartment, and sometimes at a central restaurant or bar. Patricia aims to bring together like-minded people, and invites a guest speaker to get people talking.

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