Welcome to the Club: Newest Additions to Our Private Members Club Network

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41 Ocean Club in Santa Monica features a distinct Spanish flair

LinkedIn is all well and good in the digital sphere, but the best place to make the proper networking and business contacts is still the real world, and carefully chosen private members clubs are the ultimate choice for rubbing elbows with the right people. And if the word “club” conjures up images of terrible electronic music, dense smoke and bad dancing, then consider this article an aspiration setter.

Private members clubs are elite institutions, soaked in exclusivity and servicing only a small, select group of people with similar interests. That’s why Oasis has worked hard to craft our own network of private members clubs, with the initial concept of creating a truly global network that current and future members of our Buenos Aires and Rio Clubhouses can enjoy as an Oasis perk, even while traveling to destinations outside the Oasis circle. So please welcome the newest additions to the ever-growing Oasis network: Library Club London, 41 Ocean L.A. and OneOcean Club in Barcelona.

Library Club – London

private members club

For starters, let’s clarify what kind of library this is, as It’s certainly not the stoggy, quiet kind. Essentially, it’s a hotel, bar, event space and private members’ club for guests wanting a comfortable, refined and clever time out. Chairs colored like chameleons and reclaimed wooden bookshelves littered with old literary titles certainly add to the bookish vibes. Stenciled old-age ceilings patterns lay adjacent to the original building’s exposed brickwork, where provocative signs saying things like ‘Shhh…It’s a library’ lay to hammer home the library concept.

private members club

Library Club fits into a slim set building on St Martin’s Lane with little room for crowded spaces, but plenty of room for a good cocktail, cookbook-inspired meal and chit-chat. As well, speakers from the design and literary worlds do frequent guest appearances and give talks in rooms set up for bespoke whisky tastings and in-house design exhibits, and an outdoor terrace above theatre-land perfectly serves a night-time jaunt away from live music and DJ’s in the bar. This is a brand new type of creative hub.

41 Ocean – Los Angeles

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This exclusive members-only, yet unpretentious, club with a distinct Spanish flair now offers a restaurant open to the public for lunch, dinner, “grazing” and a special late-night menu. The Champagne Miso Marinated Sea Bass or the Tiramisu Crusted Filet is highly recommended. Members and Guests have the privilege of sipping on a classic California club cocktail while lounging in the rustic Spanish interior or the secluded courtyard, complete with fireplaces, ivy and canopies. 41 Ocean also offers live music and late night DJs, all with an Oceanside setting. Can you say ambiance?

OneOcean Club – Barcelona

private members club

OneOcean is unique in that it’s the first closed restaurant / bar / social club located in the newly renovated port of Barcelona. The club is also amazing design-wise, bright and full of light thanks to stunning views that open to its visitors though high glass windows; freshness, modernism and in the same time some with tones of exclusivity. The club also offers members and their friends a wonderful dining space: from meat to fish, risotto to starters “para picar” and finishing with delicious desserts, it’s definitely a good place for innovative food hunters;) It’s important to reserve a table for your dinner or lunch; the bar doesn’t require any reservation.

PS: Barcelona is the perfect place to be in the summer for those with their own yachts, as OneOcean Club offers great accommodations for the boating aficionados among us.

Additional Partner Clubs

Clubhouse members are part of a growing global network of exclusive private clubs, which include the Clubhouse in Buenos Aires and Clubhouse Rio in Rio de Janeiro, along with Brody House Budapest, The Hospital Club London, Norwood New York, Tofiq House Sao Paulo, The Spoke Toronto, Kee Club Hong Kong and Club Matador Barcelona.

Our official Clubhouses accept a limited number of Members through a monthly application and evaluation process. To learn more, please contact clubhouse@oasiscollections.com

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