Hot Shots: Absolute Best Selfie Spots in Rio de Janeiro

rio de janeiro photo tour

With the news that you’re more likely to be killed when taking a selfie than in a shark attack, you’ve got to be careful where you take that shot. To save you from selfie disaster, we’ve rounded up a list of where, and where not to take selfies in Rio de Janeiro.

| The Mountain Selfie @ Dois Irmãos |

rio de janeiro photo tour

Taking a selfie at the top of this mountains shows that not only are you in the presence of one of Rio’s greatest views, but you also climbed a mountain! This is double cool points on social media, and is sure to earn you a lot of virtual love. Whatever you do, don’t take a shot when you’re grumpy and tired on the way home – there’s no need to ruin the magic with reality.

| The Surfer Selfie @ Ipanema Beach |

rio de janeiro photo tour

So you might need a waterproof camera for this one, but anyone who manages to stand upright on a surfboard and take a selfie at the same time deserves some sort of medal. If you can’t quite manage an action shot, a picture of you and your surfboard on the beach will do nicely. Also remember to avoid taking selfies in your swimwear unless you’re actually doing some sort of sport, otherwise you just look vain.

| The Consumer Selfie @ Botafogo Shopping |

rio de janeiro photo tour

You’ve got two options here. You can either take a picture of yourself with several shopping bags in hand to show off how rich you are, or you can head to the top of the mall and take a shot of the view. Extra points for taking a picture of the view with you in it carrying said shopping bags.The soccer selfie @ Maracanã stadium

| The Soccer Selfie @ Maracanã Stadium |

rio de janeiro photo tour

The ideal soccer selfie is taken with a soccer player, but if that proves a little tricky, a shot of you surrounded by soccer fans with a game going on in the background will do. For the optimum selfie, get a seat at the top of the stadium so you can angle the camera down and see the crowd. Oh, and make sure you’re wearing a soccer shirt and preferably a visor for the full effect. Just don’t mention the World Cup.

| The Statue Selfie @ Christ the Redeemer |

rio de janeiro photo tour

Okay, so it’s an obvious one. But taking a shot of yourself next to this enormous statue is pretty much a rite of passage while in Rio. Just don’t take it as far as Lee Thompson, who persuaded the Brazilian tourist board to let him climb the statue and get a view from the top. It’s likely that from that high up you’ll end up with a close up of your face and not much of the statue, unless you have a super long selfie stick that is. Anyway, while, climbing the statue is not recommended, group shots are.

| The Cool Selfie @ The Clubhouse Rio |

rio de janeiro photo tour

Only the hippest are granted membership to this clubhouse, so once you get in, show everyone else just how cool you are by taking multiple selfies. You can try the intelligent look in the library, pout at the camera, cocktail in hand, by the bar, and if you want to take a shot of yourself looking gorgeous by the pool, we’ll forgive you this once.

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