Hit the Streets for Rio’s Carnival


It’s a general consensus among locals that the best of Rio’s Carnival is the pre-carnival, when the city isn’t crowded with tourists and the carnival blocks are emptier. But then it comes Carnival, Rio gets filled to the brim with tourists while locals get the chance to meet new people from every corner of the world. Brazilians say that the year only starts after Carnival; the craziest, most anticipated holiday of the year.

Fasten your seat belt, because Carnival Rio 2016 is about to get real! From here on, our eyes, thoughts, hearts and fantasies, will focus on the “Cidade Maravilhosa” and we’ll give you the best tips so you won’t have a party overdose in these 5 days.

| 1. The Party Starts Early |


So we get going, you should definitely read this. After all, this will be five days of revelry starting at 7am – That’s right, unlike most parties in Brazil, Carnival Rio 2016 begins very early and at the bakery, requiring a hearty home-cooked meal to endure the day of jumping around the city. By the way, do not expect to be home before dark because that’s definitely not going to happen. It’s noteworthy that during this period there are also plenty of private parties, so you’ll be at home just to get the glitter off before starting the second chapter of the night at Clubhouse Rio.

| 2. Finding Your Costume is Serious Business |

With this crowd in the streets, you wouldn’t want to go unnoticed, right? The traditional “bride” costumes and “man dressed like woman” are sooo last season. Another important point, which has to do with the previous topic is that if you want to dress yourself like Princess Padamé from Star Wars this year, you will have to wake up at least 3 hours beforehand. Ie: 7 am minus 3 hours of dressing our … you would have to get up at 4am! So don’t make things too complex! And last but not least, another important point, remember that February is summer in South Hemisphere and the phrase “Rio 40 Degrees” is 100% true.

| 3. Hit the Street |

You may be a bit confused by the term “street carnival”. What about those giants cars parading through the streets with lots of people wearing the same clothes, is this not on the street? Get ready because this info can change your life… as the Rio de Janeiro carnival takes place both on the street and in the Sambódrom0, where you can see things like this. Another important point is that the street carnival begins in January, while the parade at the Sambódromo takes place on the Sunday and Monday of Carnival.

| 4. Have Some Planning in Advance |

Hold on, you’re not thinking carnival is only about choosing 4 creative costumes, right? Rio’s carnival involves much more planning than that! You still need to choose the bloquinhos you wants to go! There are 587 this year and are scattered throughout the city. Don’t worry though, we have a list here that can help you locate them along with a good chance to start practicing your Portuguese. After a few tips and a little research, you don’t want to miss out on this because you couldn’t find a good place to stay, right? We can help you with that too, take a look at our Collection of rental homes in Rio.

| 5. Have Fun |

So now, after all this  information to digest, all you need to remember is to have fun! After all, this is what carnival is about.

If you are looking for comfort and convenience during Carnival without ostentation, take a look at our Rio collection of homes for rent. For more information on our other destinations, download the Oasis Collections app for iOS or Android.

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