No Sleep for the Wicked

The editor of WICKED, Buenos Aires’ greatest reference point with regard to underground culture, regularly wears more than one hat in his day-to-day life and often sports a PC screen as his alter ego Dr. Zeitgeist. Introducing Javier Gover.




“I’m Argentine, a lawyer and a journalist who studied at UBA and UCA universities respectively. I’ve worked in the social sector for DAIA and non-profit Help Argentina, helping with my country’s development. After that, I edited urban culture magazine WICKED Mag, and organized a series of vanguard art parties called Trashmission. I also have a new law practice called @LOS VAMOS A HACER MIERDA@ which solves problems between bosses and their employees. As well as all that, I also deejay at bars and parties, and work in journalism, production, communication, and tourism.”



“IN 2007, tired of traditional work and with the urge to see and discover new things, I founded WICKED, a magazine that delves into Buenos Aires’ creative energy, with a vanguard and international focus. Via WICKED, you can unearth the defining characteristics of this new culture. The mag reflects the trends defined by the city’s artistic leaders in an innovative way: music, film art, events, nightlife, fashion, design and much more.”



“With respect to art, I generally tend to check out what two or three galleries have of interest and that are also within my budget: Popa, Petalos Gloster and Pasto. Popa is a La Boca-based gallery close to Caminito that’s curated and managed by two talented and well-known art directors – Bosco and Jojo – who came from the world of advertising, which is the reason they have such a sharp radar. Roving gallery Petalos Gloster pops up each month with really interesting emerging art. And last but not least, Pasto is an emerging gallery that has an important tradition of promoting young artists. Prices are practically discounted and the artists top-notch. My current favorites include Jo Johannes, Paula Duró, Matias Perego, Cotelito, Pablo Calmet, Mart, and Mariano Sánchez among others.”



“We’re hosting two kinds of events: one related with Wicked Mag, and the other related to Trashmission, or better said, Recauchutrash, which is the first sequel in this party cycle. On August 28, we’ll launch the latest issue of WICKED at Il ballo del matone, while on September 21, Recauchutrash3 will take place at a secret location.”



“Dr Zeitgeist is a Trashmission character – which isn’t just a party – developed through this experimental artistic space that was set up with the help of fine arts curator Katrin Richter and electronic music producer Lou Bernier. The aim is to stop with liberal societies’ golden dreams, with the singular objective of “trashing” the mainstream perceptions of fashions and trends.  What meaning would the convention have, for example, in a futuristic, post-nuclear, cyber trash society, in which shopping centers were simply home for rats. Dr Zeitgeist is the outcome of this theory. At all our Trash parties, I usually put on a suit made out of cables and old computer circuits and a monitor head with LED lights inside. Following this line, I’ve started a Pinterest page called cool4cheap, which works with the idea that for something to be truly cool firstly, it needs to have been cheap. Long live creativity and a do-it-yourself attitude in this world. Under the values that brands transmit to us via absurd marketing.”

By Oasis Correspondent Sorrel Moseley-Williams

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Argentina, Buenos Aires

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