10 Most Envy Worthy Celebrity Vacation Villas

Most-Envy-Worthy-Celebrity-Vacation-VillasFrom private jets and yachts to sprawling mansions and private islands, the rich and famous sure know how to live the ultimate luxury lifestyle. Partial to the finer things in life, a vacation to the Bahamas is lacking that extra ‘va va voom’ - they want more, like their own private island more (ahem, Johnny Depp). We take a peek through the keyhole of some of the most envy-worthy celebrity vacation villas from the Dominican Republic to Italy’s Lake Como. For these uber rich elite, it’s not just about location, but amenities galore take the spotlight. Outdoor movie theaters, skateboard ramps, private yachts. You name it, they got it! We have painstakingly put together the top ten celebrity vacation villas that are absolutely jaw-dropping.

| Naomi Campbell |

Where: Cleopatra Island in Turkey’s Gulf of Gökova.


Gifted to Naomi Campbell by her wealthy Russian boyfriend this amazing Turkish island villa is a completely self-sufficient dome. This queen of the catwalk’s luxury vacation villa is shaped like the “Eye of Horus” and was designed by famous architect Luis de Garrido.

| Oscar de la Renta |

Where: A private mansion in the Dominican Republic


The view looks great from atop a thriving global brand. Oscar de la Renta loves nothing more than getting his hands dirty helping to landscape this stunning beach house.  Nestled in a 1,500-acre ecological reserve with miles of private beaches, Tortuga Bay celebrates stylish Caribbean living.

 | Giorgio Armani |

Where: Saint-Tropez, France


What envy-worthy celebrity vacation villa rundown would be complete without a ridiculous yacht, and Giorgio Armani’s yacht at that. Docked in Saint-Tropez, France, this amazing terrace has the best view in our opinion. Plus you can be sure to have the best-dressed crew in all the high-seas. Armarni-clad. Yes please.

| John Travolta |

Where: Ocala, Florida


A little-known fact about John Travolta is that he is an avid and accomplished pilot. This $2.5 million house has it’s own private runway and a Boeing 707 parking spot. This is the epitome of living a jet-setter lifestyle.

| Jonny Depp |

Where: Private island in the Bahamas


This stunning luxury vacation retreat sits on 45 acres of pure paradise. With over 6 beaches, this Pirates of the Caribbean star can hide from the public eye and drink all the rum he wants.

| Richard Branson |

Where: Necker Island

Most Envy Worthy Celebrity Vacation Villas Necker Island

What celebrity vacation villa rundown would be complete without Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island. This glorious 74-acre estate is unquestionably the most idyllic place in the British Virgin Islands. The king of the jet-setter lifestyle, this media mogul certainly knows how to vacation. Visit the site here.

| Donatella  |

Where: Queensland, Australia

Most Envy Worthy Celebrity Vacation Villas Donatella

This luxury 6-star hotel is everything you would expect from the designer behind one of the worlds most famous and luxe fashion brands. With a private marina, world famous restaurant, spa and of course a Versace store, this is truly an oasis of elegance and sophistication,

| Beyoncé and Jay-Z |

Where: Malibu

Most Envy Worthy Celebrity Vacation Villas Beyonce & Jay Z

This 130,126 renaissance style Malibu home is fit for musical royalty. With 7 glorious bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, a gym, home theatre, tennis court, pool plus an adjacent guest house.

| Tory Burch |

Where: Southampton hideaway

Most Envy Worthy Celebrity Vacation Villas Tory Burch

Dating back to the 1920s this beautifully decorated Southampton hideaway is filled with old-school charm. It even has a skateboard park around the back for her 3 sons. This place is so chic even Vogue wanted to feature in its glossy pages.

| George Clooney |

Where: Lake Como, Italy

Most Envy Worthy Celebrity Vacation Villas George Clooney

George Clooney and friends love to escape the popping paparazzi flashbulbs by heading to his elegant Italian mansion on Lake Como. The deep turquoise waters and the lush green hillside are a perfect location to unwind. We’re still waiting for our invitation.

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