Meet Julian Bedel – Creator of Buenos Aires’ Finest Designer Perfumes

buenos aires designer perfumes

Would you like to experience the beauty and solitude of Patagonia without ever making the trek to the end of the earth? Thanks to passionate scent expert and creator of designer perfumes Julian Bedel, now you can.

Bedel has a passion for creating unique and challenging scents meant to evoke feelings and landscapes, and now shares that passion with others at the velvet-curtained perfume laboratory Fueguia 1833, in Buenos Aires. Inspired by Argentine landscapes, Bedel knows the territory well, having traveled extensively to source the highest quality extracts.

fuegia buenos aires designer perfumes

The abandoned sense of scent, according to Bedel, has the ability to evoke feelings and transport you to a different world, whether it is the Argentine countryside or glacial Patagonia. Bedel thrives on the challenge of creating unexpected scents that can trigger emotions. For Bedel, it’s simply “too easy to mix floral scents.”

We recently had the opportunity to dig into the passion behind Bedel’s inspiring scents and ask him a few questions about his motivation to explore the abandoned sense of smell:

Oasis Collections: You founded Fuegia 1833 in 2010, had you ever worked in perfume before, ever trained in perfumery? Why perfume all of a sudden?

Julian Bedel: Because the scent is kind of an abandoned sense, I’ve been fascinated with how to construct fragance to stimulate and kickstart emotions with them.

OC: You’re inspiration for your scents seems to be very varied, from literature to geography, what is your process in creating a new scent?

Julian Bedel: I imagine a moving landscape, and all the details that build that image, then I try to identify ingredients that match…like imagining a sea and trying to paint it with an array of blues, greens, whites, etc.

OC: Your catalog contains 5 perfume tributes to Borges & his work, for someone who has never read one of his works, what do you recommend to start with?

Julian Bedel: El Aleph & Ficciones. But the most important part is the translation from Spanish to English, I would recommend the Thomas Norman di Giovanni work.

OC: Your perfumes are an homage to travel, to Argentina & to Patagonia. Which places in Patagonia must we all see before we die and when is the best time to go?

Julian Bedel: El Chaltén, where the Fitz Roy mountain and the Lago del Desierto are located. Bahía Bustamante in Chubut. Tierra del Fuego is amazing also.

OC: Is there anywhere that we can buy your perfumes in the USA? Europe?

Julian Bedel: We are opening stores in London, Paris and Rome. In the US Lucky Scents will carry some of our fragances also. But we also have pretty good logistics to deliever worldwide. You can write us at and we do the rest.

OC: Is there anywhere in Buenos Aires that inspires you?

Julian Bedel: I loved to have a tea at the Park Hyatt, below that amazing tree!

Interested in learning more about Julian Bedel and his unique creations? You can find more information here.

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