Oasis Welcomes The Spoke, Kee Hong Kong & Club Matador to Network of Members Clubs


Let’s face it, clubhouses are awesome. They’re cool, exclusive and chances are you probably wanted your own as a kid. Now as an adult, clubhouses have come to represent the epitome of exclusive sophistication. That’s why Oasis has worked to craft a truly unique vacation experience with our own growing network of private members clubs.

We are thrilled to announce the newest additions in our Private Member Club roster and this time we’ve gone from Canada to China and Spain to bring you The Spoke, Kee Hong Kong and Club Matador. The initial concept was to create a truly global network of clubs that current and future members of our Buenos Aires and Rio Clubhouses can enjoy, even while traveling to destinations outside the Oasis circle. So check out any of these hip clubhouses to get a small taste of everything Oasis has to offer.

The Spoke (Toronto)

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In the heart of Toronto’s bustling king west strip, discreetly nestled in one of the city’s distinguished hundred-year-old buildings, stands The Spoke Club. The Spoke Club is a private, invite-only members club at King and Portland. Inside, there’s an art gallery, screening room, lounge, library, restaurant, private dining rooms and one of the best rooftop patios in Toronto. Beyond its humble brick-and-mortar heritage, The Spoke Club has evolved into a thriving meeting place where individuals with interests in media, entertainment and the arts can converge.

Kee Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

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Discreetly situated in the heart of Central, Kee Hong Kong is an exclusive private members club, which offers a cozy and homely atmosphere for their members to get away from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. Kee Hong Kong is made up of distinctively opulent rooms tailored for art and wine appreciation, fine dining, business meetings and mingling with like-minded people. As one of our favorite memebrs clubs, Its intimate and relaxed setting makes it a convenient spot for members to indulge in during the day and night. Whether it’s from bringing you the most innovative and finest cuisines to bespoke corporate or cultural events, we aim to continuously provide our members a luxurious and diverse lifestyle.

Club Matador (Madrid)

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Club Matador is a project conceived and driven by its members, people with multiple interests and a desire to be part of a unique—and different—project. The Club has been set up in the spirit of the magazine Matador and aims to become a meeting place in which professionals of all ages, origins, training and cultural backgrounds enjoy of an extraordinary common space. Club Matador is composed of several elements that include a curated library focused on the noir genre, cinema-screening room, art exhibitions and a wide range of activities available to all guests. The Club constitutes a personal concept that affords its members an opportunity to be in a private, close and carefully appointed environment; a place to meet with other people in which culture and ideas are the pillars of the project.

Additional Partner Clubs

Our clubhouse members are part of a growing global network of exclusive private clubs which include the original Clubhouse in Buenos AiresBrody House in Budapest, The Hospital Club in LondonNorwood in New York and lastly, Tofiq House in Sao Paulo.

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Our clubhouses accept a limited number of Members, through a monthly application and evaluation process. To learn more, please contact clubhouse@oasiscollections.com

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