Introducing Rosario: Our New Buenos Aires Concierge

We’d like to proudly introduce the newest Oasis team member, our in-house Buenos Aires concierge, Rosario. Available to all Oasis Guests, Rosario doles out tailor-made recommendations for anything from the perfect romantic restaurant, to the best spas in the city. Since being a concierge mandates her knowing Buenos Aires backwards and forwards, we couldn’t pass up this opportunity to ask her about how she would spend her perfect day in BA.

After a quintessentially late Buenos Aires night out, Rosario begins her day with a lie in and a causal dog walk, stopping by Oui Oui to meet friends for brunch. Being pet friendly and with tables in the sun, it’s a perfect spot to cure a hangover with a sandwich and a lemonade. After getting her fill, you can find her perusing the Mercado de Pulgas (Flea Market) in Palermo, often uncovering great vintage finds and old furniture to customize.

Dropping off her purchases at home, she’ll then break up the day with a glass of wine on her terrace with friends, watching the sunset and planning the evening ahead.

Refreshed and ready for the evening, Rosario’s favorite dinner location, Sudestada, is the next stop. Hugely popular, the South Asian menu offers the possibility of tasty vegetarian dishes, a rarity in Buenos Aires. No meal here is complete without washing it down with their signature mint lemonade.

For post-dinner drinks, Rosario likes to head to the buzzing terrace of Palermo Hollywood mainstay, Carnal. Once she’s grown tired of cocktails, it’s time to head to the dance floor. Her favorite place dance the night away is Ferona, an old converted home that’s been transformed into a club/best house party ever. Rosario explains that the allure of Ferona lies in the fact that its the best of both worlds, with a more relaxed terrace upstairs to enjoy drinks, while downstairs people dance the night away to louder DJ sets.

The discerning reader may have noticed that Rosario’s perfect day all happens within the confines of Palermo Hollywood. This, she claims, is the best aspect of the barrio. You’re able to visit some of the best spots the city has to offer without ever having to jump in a cab.

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