Introducing: Luxury Apartment Rentals In The States

Introducing: Luxury Apartment Rentals In The States

So you’re on your way to New York to live out some of the few remaining days of summer weather. Maybe you coupled a little planning with dumb luck and managed to score a reservation somewhere like Momofuku Ko, or you know someone who knows someone and you have a coveted table for a night at Rao’s. You’ve planned out every event to a tee. You’ll transition from dinner to party by grabbing a Martini at the born-again Beatrice Inn, then head to a beautifully strange night at Chez André. You’ve thought of everything right?


Because unless you’re staying here:

Introducing: Luxury Apartment Rentals In The States

then you’ve forgotten the most important aspect of any trip: always stay in style.

This is The Southend, one of the newest additions to the Oasis portfolio. In the United States. We’ve decided that while the US has plenty to offer, unless you’re staying in one of our hand picked, design-oriented properties, you’re missing out on a true city experience. Maybe the unrelenting insomniatic nightlife of New York doesn’t appeal to you, maybe your day’s are better spent relaxing by the pool, enjoying a rum cocktail.

We have you covered:

Introducing: Luxury Apartment Rentals In The States

This is the pool of The Venetian, found on Biscayne Island, right between South Beach and Downtown Miami. Put off winter for a little longer, and take in the unbeatable Miami weather in this incredible bayfront apartment. If the days get a little too relaxing for you, you’ll only be a 3 minute drive to downtown, where we guarantee you’ll find any vice you need to keep yourself entertained.

Now that you know that you can enjoy the States in the luxury of an Oasis listing, why don’t you take a minute to peruse all of our US luxury apartment rentals.

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Miami, New York

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