Interviewing DJ Eric Dunks – Our Clubhouse Rio Guest

dj dunks

Just as we were getting over freak-folk duo CocoRosie’s epic performance at The Clubhouse in Buenos Aires, DJ Eric Dunks stopped by Clubhouse Rio for another night of great music. We took the chance to have a little chat with him and – without much success – try to find out the story behind his nickname.

Oasis Collections: So let’s start at the beginning, with growing up in L.A. Tell me about that.
Eric Dunks: Right, Ok. Los Angeles California. I grew up in L.A. in the 70’s, 80’s and left in the mid 90’s. Growing up there was great; I’m from a neighborhood about three miles north of Downtown. There was always lots of music around me. At home or in the car on the radio; L.A. is a car town, so a lot of time is spent listening to the radio. House parties and BBQs were a big thing there… Lotsa kids around and all sorts of fun and trouble to get into.

OC: Do you identify with L.A. or is it just the place you were born and raised?
ED: I identify with it for sure. Like everything else in the world, L.A. has changed but I still feel an attachment… It’s funny, I have lived in New York for 20 years but still don’t completely consider myself from New York.

OC: You lived in LA and are currently New York-based. How does the environment influence your work?
ED: Yea living in New York all these years has totally defined what I do now… I have learned so much from NYC. It’s part of me.

OC: Is it your first time in Rio?
ED: No. I have been coming to Rio for about eight or nine years.

OC: What was the first thing you did after landing in the city? Do you have a favorite spot here?
ED: When in Rio I usually stay at my friends place in Leblon. So the usual: straight to the beach, BB Lanches, Jobi etc.

OC: How’d your set at Clubhouse Rio go?
ED: It was fun! Kind of a house party vibe. I really enjoy it.

OC: Out of curiosity, what’s the story behind Dr. Dunks?
ED: (laughs) That’s an inside joke I don’t think I can share… Sorry!

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