The Ultimate Pack-List for Traveling to the Americas

How to pack for your trip

Whether you’re heading to Uruguay, Colombia, Brazil, Miami or Argentina, you have a long flight ahead to your South American destination. Wondering how to pack for your trip, we have a couple of tips to keep you traveling in style and comfort. We’d hedge a bet that very few people actually enjoy the traveling part of traveling. All those long queues, the dodgy plane food and screaming babies in the next door aisle. Unless you can charter a private jet, here’s our 2 cents on how to bag yourself an upgrade (there’s nothing quite like 1st Class), travel in comfort and arrive looking as chic as if you’d just left the house. 

Choose your airline wisely

How to pack for your trip - Virgin inflight Bar

While there are the obvious differences between economy and first class, not all airlines are created equal; in fact, long-haul travel may be where you find the greatest differentiation between airlines. You will want to concern yourself mainly with three things: food, entertainment and comfort. If you’re a picky eater we recommend packing some delicious snack in your hand luggage. For the best inflight entertainment; airlines such as Virgin, Emirates, JetBlue, and Air Canada are a head a shoulders above the rest.

Upgrade please!

How to pack for your trip - Emirates First Class

There is no hard and fast way to get an upgrade and certainly no guarantee. However, there are a few tricks of the trade that may or may not help. Firstly, travel at quiet times such as a national holiday when other business travelers are less likely to travel. Loyalty is frequently rewarded, even if it’s the lowest level. Arriving early to check in is sometimes fruitful and so is arriving late, but we don’t condone that. Have friends who work for airlines or get a diplomatic passport. Inflight fashion may have moved on from chic to comfortable, but we recommend dressing up. Airline staff are less likely to bump you up if you look like you’ve just rolled out of bed. Lastly, be charming. A smile goes a long way especially after a long shift and you never know, they may just make your day.

The Ultimate Travel pillow

How to pack for your trip - OstrichPillow

With Summer in the southern hemisphere not far away, things are beginning to hot up. Famous worldwide for burning the candle at both ends, our southern friends like to work (quite) hard and play even harder so it’s essential that you arrive rested and leave suitably exhausted. We can’t get enough of this bonkers, sound-proof, head engulfing, ultimate travel companion. YOu many not look Grace Kelly or Sean Connery but you will sleep well.

Smythson’s Passport Holder

How to pack for your trip - Smythson's

Continuing on from our advice to travel in style, we would be remiss not to remind you about the most essential international travel accessory: your passport. You’ll never be able to forget this chic passport cover from Smythson’s, which holds your passport and boarding pass.

Bose Headphones

How to pack for your trip - Bang & Olufsen

Drown out the sound of the baby crying next to you with your favorite tunes or the newest flick. Whitney Weiss, the resident DJ at our member’s-only club, The Clubhouse, has created this mix that makes for superb traveling tunes to get you in the mood for your summer vacation.

Cashmere Airplane Socks

How to pack for your trip - Cashmeme

Inflight air conditioning is notoriously arctic, so come prepared with your own silk soft cashmere socks and throw. Even if your airline provides a blanket and itchy synthetic socks, not quite beats cashmere. Keep those toes cosy and enjoy a long and restful slumber.

TEP Wireless

How to pack for your trip - TEP

This little handy little critter gives you wireless internet wherever you go. Let us introduce you to TEP Wireless. Genius

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