Design//Forward: Top 5 Mid-century Modern Oasis Homes

mid-century modern

When it comes to interior design, we certainly have our fair share of style favorites. But one in particular, shines through in some of our favorite Brazilian and Argentine homes: Mid-century modern. Always an enduring style, the ever popular Mad Men has pushed it even further into the limelight over the past ten years. Just as the name implies, this style spanned a period of roughly two and a half decades, from the mid-1940s to about 1970. This uncomplicated, fresh aesthetic arose from a desire to propel postwar America into the modern era and recast design through a bold new lens.

Mid-century modern’s emphasis on pared-down forms, organic geometries, natural materials and a seamless flow between indoors and outdoors create a medley of functional comfort and style. The look bridges the organic with the man-made, with one foot in the natural world and the other in brave new territory that still has the power to surprise us even today. Here are just a few Oasis homes that exemplify the best in Mid-century modern design:

Sabbie: Punta del Este

mid-century modern

Sabbie is the result of the incredible work of the architect Diego Gonzalez. This newly constructed four-bathroom home boasts a sleek design with clean lines and minimalist decor. Definity the perfect choice for a posh Uruguayan summer getaway.

Urbano: Rio de Janeiro

mid-century modern

Located in the culturally rich neighborhood of Copacabana, Urbano is a three-bedroom gem with the perfect balance of clean lines and funky décor. Urbano offers a unique instance of midcentury modern with lashings of leather and wood, crisp white walls, and large windows framing views of Rio’s enchanting skyline.

Open Spaces Joatinga: Rio de Janeiro

mid-century modern

This home offers a prime example of midcentury modern done right, so much so that Don Draper himself could call this villa home. With a modular steel-frame construction and built with glass walls as pivoting panels throughout the house, plenty of Brazilian sunshine is able to shine through and light up the entire space. The open space design between both floor levels offers a harmonious atmosphere which adds to the modern, sleek twist on this Rio de Janeiro home.

Aquarela: Rio de Janeiro

mid-century modern

Set against the backdrop of Rio’s iconic mountains, this trailblazing designer home is the epitome of Brazilian style. Aquarela is a superbly designed 2-bedroom apartment with sleek furnishings and colorful accents, along with floor-to-ceiling windows framing views of Rio’s enchanting skyline. Airy and bright with sunny spaces both inside and out, this home offers a distinct alfresco feel.

Bossa Nova: Rio de Janeiro

mid-century modern

Step inside this contemporary gem nestled in the heart of Leblon, a high-end residential area dotted with luxury properties owned by Rio’s rich and famous. Touches of cement, wood and ceramics add depth and texture to each design-minded space in the ecceltic Rio getaway. 

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Punta del Este, Rio de Janeiro

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