5 Minutes with Pedro Andrade & the Brazil Foundation

Pedro Andrade

We sit down with humanitarian, Master of Ceremonies for the Brazil Foundation GalaPedro Andrade to discuss his involvement in this worthy cause and what we can look forward to at this year’s Gala.  

Pedro Andrade, originally from Rio de Janeiro, is an internationally famed male model, actor, author and humanitarian in the form of volunteer work, donations and special appearances. In 2010, he announced an annual collaboration with Brazil Foundation, the number one organization in terms of collecting funds abroad for major social causes in Brazil. Set up in 2000, it has since raised over $25 million and supported more than 350 social projects in Brazil.  Its mission is to generate resources for social entrepreneurs who propose creative and innovative solutions to challenges faced by communities throughout Brazil. Oasis Collections is thrilled to be supporting their mission by donating a weekend at The Clubhouse to the silent auction.


Q: Can you tell us a little bit about the Brazil Foundation?

A: I’ve had the privilege of presenting the Brazil Foundation Gala (in New York and Miami) for 4 years now. Before I took on this project I was really careful to pick an institution that was reliable, honest and 100% invested in the right causes. Brazil is a nation still traumatized by the corruption that we have faced in the past, therefore, people don’t believe in donating to institutions with the fear that their money won’t truly be directed to those in need. Brazil Foundation is as transparent as a charitable institution can be.  Till this day, they have helped over 300 charitable institution in need, in an immensely diverse way (helping thousands of children, orphans, elders, women, physically disabled, and the list goes on).

Brasil Foundation Gala


Q: You contribute to numerous humanitarian projects, what makes the Brazil Foundation so important to you?

A: It’s directly connected to my country and it was created and is overseen by two of the most reliable, honest and generous people I know: Leona Forman and Patricia Lobaccaro (pictured below). I’d never involve my image with an institution that I genuinely did not trust. After meeting some of these kids and seeing the difference that Brazil Foundation was able to make in those peoples lives, it was a-no-brainer. I had to be a part of it.

BRAZIL FOUNDATION Cocktail reception for Andrea Dellal


Q: What difference can the foundation make long term to the children of Brazil?

A: It has been proven that not only the physical, but also the mental and emotional condition of a child is crucial to the development of everything in his or her life. If you’re born in a circumstance that allows you no room for hope, you immediately have nothing to lose and chances are, you’ll end up directing all of your actions towards destructive behavior. It’s absolutely essential that more opportunities are created and more attention is paid to the early stages of children that are born without basic infrastructure.

Recently I covered 7 stories in Rio de Janeiro for the American media (on ABC and Fusion) and found out that the birth rate inside favelas (or slums) in Rio is 4 to 5 times higher than outside of the slums… That leads to a whole generation of children with no education and consequently, no horizon at all.

Each one of these kids that Brazil Foundation is able to help, are a vital tool against this tragic outcome. Since Brazil is a part of the emerging markets (BRICS), there is this illusion that there’s no need for charity in Brazil. It is a huge misconception. Brazil lacks equality in a number of ways and despite the success of a few, the large majority still need help.



Q: We all know you are one of NYC’s go to hosts- what about Miami? What are your top 3 “must do”  spots (restaurant or nightlife) when you hit the sunny 305 ?

A: My LOVE for New York will never fade, but, I have learned to truly enjoy my life in Miami. It is a fascinating city that is home to the largest art fair in the US, the largest book fair in the country, an amazing jazz festival, a booming nightlife scene and some of the top restaurants in the East Coast. Among them, some of my favorites are Pubbelly Steak (the steak tartar sliders and the lobster tacos are to die for), Lido (the restaurant inside the Standard Hotel) and Joe’s Take Away (Joe’s Stone Crab’s more laid back version).

Pubbelly Steak


Q: Which star names can we look forward to seeing at the 2014 gala?

A: To me it is always a surprise since I am focused on the pillars of the event. I know Ivete Sangalo (one of my all time favorite artists will be performing and celebrating 20 years of a truly successful career). Other than that, I fully trust the team to take great care of the guest list. It is always a fun and star studded party.

invite to BF

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