Brasil Winter Festival Roundup


When considering Brazil, the first things that probably come to mind are sunshine, beaches, and a tropical climate. However, there’s much more to see and do, and the winter is no exception.  We did a little digging and found some interesting events that are coming up during these (not so) chilly months.




Petrópolis is a lush, beautiful part of the Brazilian countryside, surrounded by seemingly pristine mountains and wildlife. Beyond that though, Petrópolis is also the stage to a winter festival known as Bauernfest, a celebration of German traditions and customs put on every year by the city’s citizens with strong ties to the German immigrants who laid down the city’s foundation back in the 19th century. During the fest, these German ties come alive as the people put on a spectacular showing of traditional songs, foods, dance, and more from their ancestors’ homeland, trying to not only have fun, but also enlighten the onlookers and partakers with the ways of their people.  This year, the festival will take place at the Crystal Palace from June 28th until July 8th. Activities will include indulging in the afore mentioned traditions, as well as a parade. This festival is perfect for anyone wishing to escape the bustle or repetitive nature of Rio de Janeiro or learn a little about the first settlers of the region.


Petrópolis Winter Festival



Just before Bauernfest comes to a close, the 11-day long, annual Petrópolis Winter Festival gets going. From July 6th – 15th, this cultural fest is music heavy with Jazz, Música Popular Brasileira (Brazilian pop), classical, as well as theater, ballet, and film screenings. This too, is a nice escape from the everyday city life of Rio, and if you don’t want to take a car, there’s even a bus line running every half hour daily from Novo Rio Terminal to the main bus station in Petrópolis for only R$18.


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