8 Coolest Things to do in South America this Summer


With summer drawing nearer and nearer, it’s only natural to be asking, “what are the best things to do in South America?” We know it’s nearly impossible to make it to every bucket list location, but there are plenty of cool things to do no matter where you are. Embrace the warm weather and everything a Latin summer has to offer. Here is our thoughtful guide on the eight coolest things to do in the Southern Hemisphere.

1. Feast like a Porteño at a closed door restaurant

Where: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Best things to do in South America

Buenos Aires does it right when it comes to letting visitors get an authentic dining experience. By making a reservation ahead of time, closed door restaurants  allow you to skip waiting, like you would on a busy summer night at your average eatery. This form of restaurant combines the decadence of a multi-course meal with the comforts of home. Often times, these not-so-secret restaurants operate in the private homes of chefs, so you won’t have to venture too far away from your chic Buenos Aires Apartment to find one. Ultimately, the quality of the food and authenticity make it one of the best things to do in South America.

2. Explore greenery at Jardim Botanico

Where: Jardim Botânico - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

best things to do in South America

Imagine this: You leave your luxurious Rio rental to take a walk around the neighborhood, only to find a world class botanical garden with its tree-lined entry beckoning you to enter. There’s no need to worry about overwhelming summer heat in Rio de Janeiro with the greenery and shade of over 6,000 plant species on your side. Explore every fountain, statue, and path this beautiful place has to offer. The rich variety of sights and relaxing atmosphere of the Jardim Botanico make it one of the coolest things to do this summer.

3. Enjoy Art Basel

Where: Miami Beach Miami, Florida US

best things to do in South America

With a significant latin population and cultural influence, Miami might as well be its own South American city. Artists and art enthusiasts alike will be flocking to Miami for Art Basel in Miami Beach. Being held from December 4-7 2014 this event brings the international art world together through its exhibits held at a variety of venues in the area. Last year 75,000 people attended; so while technically it will be winter in Miami, Art Basel will surely be the hottest talk of Miami Beach.

4. Saddle up and see wildlife and waterfalls

Where: Herradura, Costa Rica

best things to do in South America

Costa Rica is only a stones throw from South America, so why not add it to the list. “Saddle up” and experience Costa Rica from a perspective you’ve never seen before. Horseback riding in Herradura will get you out of your luxury Costa Rica rental and into the rainforest you long to explore. Getting to see stunning scenery and wildlife all while saving your feet from hours of hiking? There is suddenly little explanation needed to see why horseback riding is one of the best things to do in South America. Not a fan of these four-legged friends, no fear, this Costa Rica boasts a treasure trove of adrenaline filled pursuits.

5. Add some adventure to your beach experience

Where: Joaquina Beach – Florianópolis, Brazil.

best things to do in South America

Joaquina beach  has great waters for surfing and swimming, but it also packs a punch with its sand dunes. If you’re seeking adventure just outside of your luxury Flórianopolis rental, pick up a sandboard. Your dedication and sense of adventure will be rewarded. The top of the dunes offer a great perspective of the surroundings and your ride down will be smooth sailing on the sand.

6. Photograph the cloud forest

Where: Parque Natural Chicaque - Bogotá, Colombia

best things to do in South America

After spending time in an incredible Bogotá rental, you may feel like you are on cloud nine. However, only thirty minutes outside of the city, you will find yourself just as content in the “cloud forest” located within Chicaque National Park. This photogenic area attracts photographers from all around who want to escape the city and unwind.

7. Learn the beats of Candombe

Where: Montevideo, Uruguay

best things to do in South America

Candombe is a type of music and culture brought to Uruguay with the African slaves of the colonial period. If you’re not the musical type, make sure to at least hear the candombe at a dinner show or in Montevideo’s Barrio Sur neighborhood. But if you’d like to try your hand at learning the traditional drumming beats, the locals may be able to help you out.

8. Spend New Years on the beach

Where: José Ignacio – not far from Punta del Este, Uruguay
best things to do in South America

José Ignacio, originally a relaxed fishing village, has blossomed into the perfect escape for New Years. Think about how perfect your New Years could be with beachside restaurants such as La Huella and the ideal sunset for passing time. Making New Years Resolutions and celebrating with your friends and family will be as peaceful as possible in this chic beach town. Need more convincing? Check out our 10 reasons to visit José Ignacio for New Years.

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    There are tons of things to do in South America. It is a great travel destination. There is so much culture and so many different things to see. Great post

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