Meals on Wheels: The Best in São Paulo Food Trucks


The food truck trend is currently sweeping its way across Latin America, and these mobile eateries have really struck a chord in sprawling São Paulo. In such a big city, there’s plenty to choose from – see the Food Truck nas Ruas website, or download the app for a full list of food trucks across Brazil.

But with so many trucks to choose from, which of them should you really be making the effort to track down? We’ve picked the food trucks you don’t want to miss in São Paulo.

| 1. Buzina |


Tired of being stuck inside the kitchen and not interacting with their customers, chefs Jorge Gonzalez, a New Yorker who previously worked at top restaurant DOM, and Brazilian Marcio Silva, the owner of the wildly popular Orzya restaurant (now closed), decided that starting a food truck was the way forward. Their food truck was one of the pioneers on the scene, and serves up sublime gourmet street food, including plenty to tempting burgers. Check the Buzina website or Facebook page for a list of locations.

| 2. Gorilla |


Serving up healthy, tasty grub, Gorilla food truck has nutritious snacks and an array of hamburgers. Now you might not think a burger could be healthy, but the cooking methods (the burgers are cooked in a special oven, and no oil is used), the low-fat content of the meat and extras such as a healthy mayonnaise mean that you can really indulge at this food truck, without worrying about the consequences. Check Gorilla’s Facebook page to track down the truck.

| 3. Amüse Food Truck |


Amüse food truck is by the folk behind the Amüse Food Store in Vila Madalena. While the deli offers vacuum packed meals to take home, the food truck focuses on sandwiches and dishes that can be cooked on the spot. Past delights include a hearty stroganoff and chips, and ribs served with polenta. Check the Facebook page to keep up with this truck’s latest movements.

| 4. Holy Pasta Food Truck |


This Italian pasta truck brings in the hipsters with its delicious, filling pasta such as the Holy Mac ‘n’ cheese (which is indeed worthy of worship), and the meatballs with Bolognese sauce. The ricotta ravioli is also worth trying. The truck can often be found around Vila Madalena or Jardins, but check the Facebook page to be sure.

| 5. QG Food Truck |


This truck has just one specialty: the grilled cheese sandwich, and it does it extremely well. The owners take special care to select the best cheese possible – you can choose from a variety of cheeses for your sandwich, and also add extras like bacon. If you’ve got a grilled cheese craving, this is certainly the place to come. If you’re not into cheese, give this one a miss. Check the Facebook page for QG’s latest schedule.

Other food trucks worth checking out are Alex Capeto’s burgers at EATinerante, the eco-friendly Temaki Navan and the classic fish and chips at Fichips Food. To browse lots of different trucks, head to Marachel Food Park.

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