Best LatAm Teams To Follow in the Olympics 2012


Know nothing about who’s who of the London Olympics? Show off a little local knowledge this year with our lowdown on 3 of Latin America’s hottest teams for the medals; the Brazilian men’s football team, the Brazilian women’s volleyball duo and the Argentine men’s basketball team.

Best LatAm Teams To Follow in the Olympics 2012


Now we all know how seriously the Brazilians take their football. So serious in fact that coach Menezes has locked his team up in a secluded hotel to ‘avoid the temptations’ of the Olympic Village. Needless to say, you can guarantee they’ll be no shortage of testosterone on the field as the star player Neymar and this team battle in out against home favorites, England, and 2012 Euro champs, Spain.


If hot Brazilian girls in skimpy bikinis is more your preference, the Brazilian beach volleyball duo, Juliana Felisberta and Larissa Franca, are set to take out the women’s double title. Tipped as favorites for the women’s event, the pair are “ready for the kill” as they prepare to face US components Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh. With the US pair having won the Olympic title twice and the Brazilians having taken out last year’s world championships title, it’s anyone’s game. One thing’s for sure though – this is going to be one sexy showdown.


Best LatAm Teams To Follow in the Olympics 2012


And who can forget basketball’s 2004 gold medalists and 2008 bronze medalists, Argentina? The court will be a fast, frenzied display of skills as the likes of Manu Ginobili and Luis Scola take center stage. Down here in Buenos Aires we’re super excited for their face-off with the legendary USA team.


So whether you’ll be in South America or back home for the Olympics, grab a drink, sit back and enjoy a little in-the-know viewing. And on that note, stay tuned for our upcoming guide on best places to watch the games.


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