6 Boutique Openings We’re Most Excited About in 2016


Trends come and go, but you can count on new shops opening every month, anywhere, all the time. We’re keeping track of the biggest debuts, from indie boutiques to the best outlet stores, so you can get through the doors and load up on the latest fashions before the masses. Aside from usual in best bookstoresvintage clothing stores or great travel gifts, these new boutique clothing shops have you covered for the trendiest threads. So take some notes and never be in short supply of stylish goods with our list of the newest and best boutique stores around.

| Barneys New York Returns Downtown |


These days Barneys New York is synonymous with Madison Avenue, but once upon a time the department store had its headquarters downtown. Now it’s returning to the location of its original store in the middle of Chelsea. But the new Barneys insists it isn’t interested in milking New Yorkers’ nostalgia – it’s targeting instead those potential new customers who have no memories of the days when Barneys was still “Barney’s.”

| The Row’s Upper East Side Flagship |


The Olsen twins declined to appear on the Full House reboot Fuller House because they were too busy scouting a location for their brand’s New York flagship – or at least that’s what we’re speculating. Mary-Kate and Ashley signed a lease for a new Upper East Side retail space for their acclaimed fashion label The Row all the way back in 2015, though when exactly the shop will be open, we’re not sure.

| Supreme’s Paris Debut |


Rumors of a Supreme Paris location have floated around for sometime, but for once the rumors are true, as the skateboard chic brand opens a shop in the stylish Le Marais district in March. Expect to see more Parisians with the brand’s colorful bomber jackets and graphic T-shirts this spring.

| BLACK Comme des Garçons’s Arrival in Amsterdam |


Rei Kawakubo’s innovative fashion label makes its Dutch debut this March with the opening of another outpost of its BLACK label. The store is slightly more accessible in price with a focus on – what else – black clothing. Just in time for summer.

| J.W. Anderson’s Shoreditch Workshops |


This is not a “store,” it’s the J.W. Anderson Workshops. Because the brand that streamed its Fall 2016 collection on Grindr would never have anything so pedestrian as a store. The Shoreditch space opened in January 2016 and is nonetheless the brand’s first brick and mortar space.

| Paco Rabanne’s New Paris Shop |


Like a lot of French heritage brands, Paco Rabanne has seen some up and downs in the past decades. But all it needed was a fresh dose of young talent, this time in the form of creative director Julien Dossena. Dossena’s new high concept Paris store on Rue Cambon gives us a reason to be excited about the brand all over again.

| Honorable mention: H&M’s New Collaboration |

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H&M will allegedly be openings hundreds of new locations in 2016. We’re not sure the world really needs that many more H&M’s, but at the very least 2016 will also bring a new collaboration. The megabrand will collaborate with Paris’ Musée des Arts Décoratifs on its Conscious Exclusive 2016 collection.

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