Announcing Our Owner Referral Program

Owner Referral Program

Since 2009, Oasis has provided a simple solution for homeowners looking to maximize their rental properties’ returns without having to sweat the small stuff. As we expand to new cities across the globe, we are pleased to announce the launch of our Owner Referral Program. Owners and non-Owners alike can earn $500 for each new Home they refer to Oasis in any of our destinations:

Barcelona | Bogotá | Buenos Aires | Cartagena | Costa Rica | Florianópolis | Medellín | Miami | New York | London | Los Angeles | Panama City | Paris | Punta del Este | Rio de Janeiro | São Paulo

Homes are handpicked by Oasis and every Owner benefits from our full suite of services, from distribution marketing to seamless check-ins. Essentially, we have three main objectives for Oasis Owners:

• To maximize short-term rental revenue

• To simplify the process of marketing and managing your Home

• To provide peace of mind about who is staying in your Home

The Oasis Owner Referral Process is Simple:

Step One: You’ll take a few minutes to fill out our Owner Referral Form.

Step Two: To get better acquainted, we’ll get in touch with the Owner you’ve referred and schedule a home visit so we can tour the Home and answer any questions the Owner may have.

Step Three: After the Home has been all signed up, we’ll send $500 your way as a form of thanks for putting us in touch.

Word of mouth has been a huge source of growth for Oasis, in part because Oasis experiences are so personal. People use Oasis to unlock incredible experiences – anything from weekend getaways with friends, cultural exchanges, and once in a lifetime events like honeymoons or international trips.

If you feel that you have a friend with an amazing home that would be a good fit for Oasis, please click here to get started.

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