A Luxury Vacation in José Ignacio: 24 hour Guide

luxury vacation in José Ignacio

José Ignacio, a small village on the southern coast of Uruguay, has evolved into one of the most popular destinations in South America. Many visitors come to have a luxury vacation in José Ignacio and to revel in its once unassuming, now more famous reputation as a chic coastal escape; you can’t help but be impressed by this boho chic beach town. José Ignacio draws jet setters from virtually every corner of the globe, from Buenos Aires to New York City to enjoy the Uruguayan Summer.

A luxury vacation in José Ignacio is about balancing classic relaxation and chic experiences.  Time may stand still in such an effortless place, but these suggestions will help you enjoy your escape no matter how long you will be spending in Uruguay. To help unravel the secrets to this jetsetter hotspot, take a look at our ideal way to spend a day (and night) in José Ignacio.

Morning –  Walk to the lighthouse


Escaping to a beach town means you can settle for laying in the sand all day, but you definitely don’t have to. If you yearn for an active start to the day, head outside of your chic José Ignacio villa and take a sandy stroll towards the town’s iconic lighthouse. No matter what your speed, there is plenty of coast to cover. Once you make it to the lighthouse, it’s your choice to tack on some stair climbing to your workout. A climb to the top of the lighthouse is rewarded with the incredibly clear panoramic view.

Mid Morning – Car Spotting


As the socialite season hots up for the Uruguayan Summer, swarms of luxury sport-cars begin to takeover the narrow dirt roads. Come Christmas and New Year in José Ignacio, parking spaces may be rare but good car spotting opportunities are in abundance – how very St Tropez!

Afternoon – Lunch at La Huella or La Caracola

luxury vacation in José Ignacio

You’re bound to end up at the beach during your time in José Ignacio, so why not embrace the delights that come with it? A luxury vacation in José Ignacio is not complete without a meal at La Huella. Its beachside location, fresh dishes, and exclusive private club feel make it a “must-try” while in José Ignacio. If you prefer dining without the buzz of the beach, we recommend making a reservation for La Caracola, a private dining club opened by La Huella. This dining experience transports you to an unmarked island that can only accommodate around twenty guests at a time. Once on the island, you are treated to beach tents, towel service, drinks, and eventually authentic asado (Uruguayan barbecue). How’s that for relaxation and indulgence?

Afternoon – The Sport of Kings

luxury vacation in José Ignacio

After lunch is time for a spot of royal-approved, diamond-dripping, champagne-swilling, divot-treading sport that polo is today. This legendary sport is a favorite among Argentine gauchos and is a perfect way to pass the afternoon of your luxury vacation in José Ignacio. At the exclusive Estancia Vik private retreat you can enjoy a stick and ball session or even partake in a few chukkers.

Evening – Sunset Wine Experience

Luxury Vacation in José Ignacio

After spending a day in the sun, be sure to freshen up at your chic Uruguayan villa in time to transition seamlessly to night time in José Ignacio. If you arrange this wine tasting experience, you will be transported from from your luxe José Ignacio rental to the neighboring Playa Vik. Enjoy five Uruguayan wines and while the sun slowly drifts beyond the horizon. The colors of the sky and finesse of the experience will have you entranced and relaxed.

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