Capital in Movement: 8 Reasons to Visit Mexico City in 2016


Mexico’s capital has been an international destination for decades, but 2016 is sure to be its best year ever. With more than a fair share of Mexico City attractions, grab your tickets now for this Latin American metropolis.

| Growing Food Scene |


With both acclaimed eateries like Pujol and neighborhood taco trucks, Mexico City has gourmet options for every palate and budget. The city’s most iconic dish might be tacos al pastor, but Mexico’s capital cuisine is so much more than just pork-filled tacos. These days, even vegans can get in on the fun at Por Siempre Vegana Taquería in Roma Norte. And considering how vast the city’s food scene is, this is one of those cases where hiring a tour guide really is worth it. Book a tour with Club Tengo Hambre to sample some of the city’s very best cuisine.

| Gorgeous Parks |


Mexico City may be one of the world’s largest urban jungles, but it has plenty of green space to balance out the concrete. The 1600-acre Bosque de Chapultepec is practically a city unto itself – with multiple museums, a zoo, restaurants and an amusement park. Slightly less overwhelming, but equally beautiful, are Parque Luis. G Urbina and Parque España.

| Stylish Shops |


Between ultra-hip neighborhoods like Roma Norte, Condesa and Hipódromo, there’s no shortage of opportunities Mexico City attractions for shopping and people watching. The best stretch is Avenida Amsterdam, a leafy street lined with shops like Studio Roca and Dafrehica.

| Thriving Nightlife |


When it comes to Mexico City attractions and partying, Chilangos aren’t lacking in stamina or places to go. Down a few sips of mescal at mezcalería La Botica before heading to cool, high-concept cocktail bars like Lilit or Artemisia. Before you know it you’ll be ready for Pasaje América (Av. 5 de Mayo 7), a dance club known to attract the likes of Gael Garcia Bernal. By 5.30am, you’ll be ready for some late night (or early morning) munchies 24-hour La Casa de Toño in Zona Rosa.

| History |


What is now modern day Mexico City dates back to the 16th century, but its roots go much further back than that. The city sits on what was once Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Aztec Empire until the arrival of the Spanish. Zócalo, the city’s main square and one of the largest plazas in the world, is home to many important sites and political protests.

| Art on Every Corner |


Mexico City was once famed for its public murals, particularly those by Diego Rivera. These days, graffiti artists have picked up the mantle of keeping D.F. beautiful. You’ll stumble upon street art throughout the city without even looking for it, but for a more in-depth look at Mexico’s street art scene, catch a tour with Street Art Chilango.

| Incredible Architecture |


Mexico City usually conjures up images of Spanish colonial architecture, and rightfully so, but architecture buffs will quickly notice the city is home to a range of styles. Look for Baroque structures like the Palacio Nacional, the Art Nouveau Palacio de Bellas Artes and the Art Deco Banco de Mexico. Though sadly some buildings have been allowed to deteriorate, the 21st century has seen a renewed interest in revitalizing the city’s architecture.

| More Flights than Ever |


It doesn’t matter how great a city is if you can’t get there. And fortunately, getting to Mexico City from the U.S. will be even more convenient this year with airlines like AeroMéxico, JetBlue and American increasing their flights to D.F. for summer 16.

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