Strong USD Makes Latin America’s Appeal More Affordable

affordable vacation spots

In case you haven’t heard, going abroad just got easier as the U.S. dollar is currently enjoying one of its strongest moments in modern history. Americans are finding that they can get a lot more bang for their buck in a number of global destinations, including two of our all-time favorites: Brazil and Colombia. 

In a recent article outlining the top 5 travel spots that just got cheaper for Americans, the good people at CNN Money were kind enough to do the heavy lifting and number crunching on exchange rates, hotel costs and flight prices. Here’s how a strong USD is having a big impact on travel to Latin America:

Brazil is a Bargain

affordable vacation spots

Pack your bikini, speedo and SPF 30: it’s the right time to go to Rio de Janiero - or anywhere else in Brazil for that matter. Brazil’s currency, the Real, has lost almost 30% of its value against the dollar from a year ago. That means places like Rio and São Paulo are much cheaper to visit right now, especially for business.

A typical flight from New York to Rio was $1,170 last March. Now it’s $856, according to CNN, which points out that flights have gone down since the World Cup last summer. Hotels in Brazil are 12% cheaper compared to a year ago, TripAdvisor (TRIP) data shows. By the way, you want to go now before prices soar again for the Summer Olympics in 2016.

Brazil’s economy is also getting hurt by inflation and the end of a long commodity boom. Add on a strong dollar and you’ve got a recipe for Americans to B-line it to Brazil in 2015. But if you feel like boning up on your Spanish instead of Portuguese, there’s another steal down South. 

Colombia is Calling

affordable vacation spots

Colombia is one of the South America’s best growth stories right now, but the U.S. dollar’s rally keeps the trip cheap. The dollar has gained 18% in value on the peso in the past year, while hotels in Colombia are 10% cheaper from a year ago according to TripAdvisor.

While some Americans may still think of Colombia as the “narco murder capital,” that image is trite and outdated. The country is officially booming with improved security, infrastructure projects and cleanup campaigns that have helped give major Colombian cities a much-needed facelift. The capital of Bogota and Medellin, Colombia’s second largest city, are becoming tech and cultural hubs while the country definitely has no shortage of pristine beaches. As a side note, the coffee is outrageously good and not to mention cheap.

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