Homier Dwellings on the Road: Pros of Short-Term Business Housing

short term corporate housing

There are many luxurious amenities a business traveler enjoys while sleeping on the road: comfy beds, room service, decked-out fitness centers and concierge services. 

These amenities obviously make traveling on business a more enjoyable experience. But when it comes down to it, take it from Dorothy: There’s no place like home. And homier accommodations are exactly what more and more traveling business professionals are opting for these days, as business travelers say they prefer staying in furnished vacation rentals, corporate housing and inns versus hotels, particularly for lengthier stays.

Oasis Corporate Rental: 

Where: Bachelor Digs – A Luxury El Poblado Apartment in Medellín

short term corporate housing

That’s not just because alternative accommodations and short-term rentals usually come with more space, free Wi-Fi, free laundry facilities and free parking, but doing so helps battle those lonesome travel blues while offering homey and off-the-beaten-path experiences.

Anyone who has traveled on business knows that living in hotels can be flat out depressing. Because corporate and vacation rentals are homes, most travelers agree that homier accommodations are good for your head in the long run.

Oasis Corporate Rental: 

Where: Borges Place – An elegant Apartment in Buenos Aires

short term corporate housing

Hotel occupancy rates have slowly declined in recent years, partly because of increased supply and less demand. And as the economy continues to waver, travelers seek value. In a survey by vacation rental booking site HomeAway.com, 10% of travelers say they have stayed in a vacation rental for a business trip, and 42% say they would consider a vacation rental while traveling for business.

Sites like Homeaway have been around awhile for individuals looking to book short-term rentals, but now more unique niche market sites like Oasis Collections are making it possible for travelers to obtain cheaper rates for nightly lodging. Adventurous entrepreneurs can rent a simple room, but full-on vacant properties are also readily available.

Advantages to Going Short-Term

The convenience of paying one price for furniture, housewares, amenities and utilities is an attractive proposal to business travelers, which helps cater specifically to a clients’ unique needs and reduces stress, which of course makes clients happier and more productive at their jobs.

Saving money and scorning the nickel-and-dime ideology are many travelers’ motivations for booking alternative lodging. Many accommodations like Oasis Collections also offer unique bonuses for bookings like activity packages, exclusive perks on restaurants and shops, hotel-like services, and even members club access.

Oasis Corporate Rental: 

Where: Park Art – A modern apartment  rental in South Beach, Miami

short term corporate housing

Other travelers seek more control over their routine and schedules. Because staying fit on many business travels agendas, then staying in an apartment with access to a gym and kitchen makes it easy for me to prepare healthy meals while having the option to tone up on your own time.

Those who don’t mind getting personal could consider staying with clients and colleagues, as it is a great way for establishing great relationships and enjoy getting to know clients on a personal level. For many business travelers, this type of experience feels more like home rather than waking up alone in an unfamiliar hotel in a random city.

Oasis Corporate Rental: 

Where: Silver Pacific – A modern apartment  rental in Panama City

short term corporate housing

And the trend has certainly become an international one, as sites like Oasis Collections are offering design-forward corporate rentals in a variety of international businesses-oriented destinations including São Paulo, Miami, Buenos Aires, Medellin and Panama. And as the global economy improves and hotels seek corporate rate increases of 6% to 8% on average, more business travelers may be finding themselves waking up in homier digs when on the road.

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