World Cup 2014: 10 Fast Facts


In case you didn’t know (and are living under a rock), it’s a World Cup year, and what better way to mark it than with our handy survival guide that has everything you need to know about Brasil 2014. We’re not sure about you, but Oasis Collections has Copa Fever, and we’re ready for some football.

1. It’s A Serious Business

A girl walks down painted steps at the Babilonia slum in Rio de Janeiro

The English invented it, but the Brasilians perfected it. Football is not so much a game in Brasil, as a religion. It’s no surprise then that they’re pretty good at it. Brasil has won the World Cup a record five times and the Pentacampeões look like a good bet this summer.

2. Pelé

King Pele

If football is a religion, then Pelé is God. Hailed by many as the best player of all time, ‘O Rei’  holds a special place in the heart of every Brasilian.

3. Make the Most of Brasil


World Cup 2014 is the perfect way to see Brasil, with games everywhere from the Amazonian region of Manaus to the footballing mecca of the Maracanã in Rio. It’s the ideal opportunity to experience all that Brasil has to offer.

4. Football Fashion

Brazil fans

Football and fashion…not normally two things that you would expect to go hand in hand. But this is the World Cup, and anything goes. From body paint to scarves, any and every show of color is encouraged. Our advice: go for the yellow of the seleção and be welcomed like a local wherever you go.

5. No Tickets? No Problem.

fan fest

Two words: Fan fests. These all day parties are everything that is great about the World Cup. With football showing on the big screen, thousands of people gather in the fan parks to soak up the party atmosphere and support their team. Here’s the perfect solution if you didn’t manage to get your hands on those elusive tickets.

6. By All Means…Get to the Beach


Missed out on tickets AND you can’t make it to the Fan Fest? Don’t panic, we weren’t lying when we said that Brasil LOVES football. Head to one of Brasil’s many glorious beaches and catch a game of futevôlei. This acrobatic cross between football and volleyball (hence the name) will have you marveling at the skill involved, and maybe the physiques too.

7. Beat the Lines


With the tournament lasting for over a month and matches starting from one in the afternoon to ten at night, you’re gonna need stamina…and lots of it. So don’t try and catch every game, it’s impossible. Take some time to explore when the matches are on. You never know, with everyone glued to the game, you might even be able to beat the crowds. Christ the Redeemer, anyone?

8. Time for Argentina?

Youngsters play football at sunset on an artificial beach on the banks of the Negro river. Manaus wi

Now this World Cup is supposed to be about Brasil, but there might be an upset in the cards. He might look like your best friend’s little brother, but Lionel Messi could be the one to help Argentina get their third title and step out of the shadow of their northerly neighbor. If you can’t make it to Brasil, Argentina could step in as the place to be.

9. Or Even Colombia?


This South American World Cup wouldn’t be complete without Colombia and Uruguay, and this year they’re both genuine contenders. Colombia has never won the World Cup, while three-time champion Uruguay’s last win was sixty-four years ago. But who knows, they could be dancing on the streets of Bogotá or Montevideo come July.

10. Once In A Lifetime


Last but definitely not least, whether you’re going to the World Cup or not, make sure you enjoy it. It only happens every four years, and with the next two in Russia and Qatar, it would be a shame to miss out on football returning to it’s spiritual home.

Where to Stay for Your Football Getaway

Sparkling White

Sparkling White 2

This simple yet elegant three bedroom apartment is the perfect choice for your World Cup stay. The two main living and dining areas are spacious and have plenty of the room for the whole family. The immense flat-screen TV will make sure you never miss a game. With a fully-equipped kitchen, featuring stainless steel appliances and all the familiar amenities of home, you’ll have everything you need to prepare a home-cooked meal or a cold batch of Caipirinhas.

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