10 Quirky New Year’s Eve Traditions

Superstitions: love ‘em or hate ‘em, we all follow one superstition or another in the faint hope that maybe we’ll get rich, get promoted or even fall in love. And New Year’s Eve is no exception. A time to celebrate with friends and family as the champagne flows, have you ever really thought about those quirky things we do to bring us good luck as we reign in the New Year? So whilst your celebrating in style at one of our Clubhouses (The Clubhouse, Oasis Collections Clubhouse Cartagena or José Ignacio) as the clock strikes 12, try out these NYE traditions which are celebrated in some of our destinations and maybe, just maybe, your luck will be in…

1. Wear yellow underwear!

Popular in Colombia, wearing these is a way of bringing wealth and prosperity in the coming year.

Yellow Underwear

2. Lentils will bring you riches?

Colombians believe lentils in your pocket will help bring you a year of abundance.


3. Black-eyed peas

In the US, the first thing you eat on New Year’s Day should be black-eyed peas for good luck and a year of prosperity!

3. Jump 7 waves

In Brazil, when midnight comes around, jump 7 waves to bring good luck. So get down to the beach!

jumping waves 1

5. Run round the block with your suitcase

If your wish is to travel make sure you bring your suitcase to the New Year’s celebrations. In South America running around the block with your suitcase should ensure that you will travel to far-flung and interesting places in the upcoming year!

Young man walking along street with old suitcase, retro tinted

6. Gobble down 12 grapes

In Colombia, each grape represents each month of the New Year. With each grape, make a wish. Just make sure you finish them within the first minute of the New Year!

7. New Year’s Eve kiss

Want to find love in 2014? Start the year off with a kiss and apparently your luck is in…

Multi-ethnic couple kissing at New Year’s Eve party

8. Burn an effigy of the old year

Had a pretty rubbish 2013? Do as the Colombians do and make an effigy of 2013, strap fireworks to it and watch it as the personified Old Year is blown to smithereens. DISCLAIMER: remember health and safety when it comes to fireworks! You know the drill.

9. Clean your house

Sweep the remnants of the old year right out your front door and have a clean and tidy house as you bring in the New Year.


10. Follow in the footsteps of the Brazilians and wear white

In Brazil this symbolizes peace and renewal, a certain kind of hope that the New Year will be better than the one that has just passed!

And last but not least: have fun with your nearest and dearest! Dance, drink, smile, hug, kiss…whatever. New Year = New Beginnings!

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