The 5 Best Coffee Shops in Austin (And When to Visit)


Austin has more than its fair share of high-quality coffee outposts, as any quick Google or Yelp search can easily point out. Honestly, it’s overwhelming (in a good way), and it can make deciding which one to go to a tough choice. That’s why our newest Launch Manager Nitesh gives us his two-cents on where (and when) to hit the best coffee shops in Austin.

Nitesh Gandhi_For website 2For me, it’s all situational. If it’s the weekend and I’m looking to catch up with friends I’d go somewhere with a lively atmosphere and perhaps a beer or two on tap. But if I was with my MacBook, cranking out a presentation for work, I’d find somewhere low key with plenty of tables and outlets to keep me going. With that in mind, here’s a few of my favorite Austin coffee shops, if you find yourself in any of the following situations:

| Morning Commute // Houndstooth @ Congress |


Hidden inside Austin’s Frost Bank Tower, Houndstooth offers a great downtown location that is perfect for grabbing morning coffee before heading to work. Coffee geeks tend to love Houndstooth – they roast different types of beans, unique ‘drink-in only’ blends are always on point, and the baristas are extremely friendly and willing to help you in choosing the right coffee preparation. Oh and there’s fresh, delicious tacos offered a la carte from Tacodeli as well, just in case you forgot to eat breakfast. Be warned though, lines can sometimes get long.

| Afternoon Work Break // Caffe Medici @ Congress |


Caffe Medici is one of Austin’s most recognizable coffee institutions, with multiple outposts throughout the city. This particular location is right downtown, just a few minutes walking distance from the Texas Capitol. I think it’s perfect for an afternoon coffee – the interior has clean and simple design, and, most importantly, it’s spacious. There is plenty of seating upstairs too, if you want to bring a colleague and have a chat outside the office.

| Working Remotely or Studying // Patika @ South Lamar |


Patika offers a welcome respite from the hustle of South Lamar. It’s calm and airy inside, with lots of natural light, and it has plenty of tables separated from the main coffee bar…ideal for those seeking a quieter place to work. The wifi is reliable, though it slows when the shop is crowded. Ultimately, the coffee is great, the pastries (fresh, handmade scones) may be even better, and, to top it all off, when you need a break from work you can head outside to the back patio to get some fresh air.

| Happy Hour // Radio Coffee & Beer |


There’s not much to say here that isn’t in the name. Radio uses Stumptown coffee to satisfy those seeking their java fix and it features plenty of local and craft brews on tap to satisfy those seeking more. There’s trivia nights and plenty of musicians that come by the bar in the evenings, which makes it one of the best coffee shops in town to enjoy happy hour.

| Lazy Sunday // Mozart’s @ the Lake |


This one is easy. Mozart’s easily boasts one the best views in all Austin. It’s right on the lake, pet-friendly, and has a great outdoor patio with plenty of seating. And, there’s bottomless coffee. All said, this is a great coffee shop to relax and hang out with friends. Usually, there is live music on weekend evenings as well.

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